Discover how STEM leads to exciting careers in the Automation and Manufacturing Industry

23 Sep 2020


A CESA Discovery of STEM Careers aims to showcase the variety of career pathways available in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Have you heard the term - Industry 4.0? What is it and how is it revolutionising our world?  Our STEM Project team were curious and visited The SAGE Group at the Tonsley Innovation District. Exploring jobs of the future, introducing disruptive technology which influences those careers, and development of industry/sector collaborations all form part of the foundation behind this STEM initiative.  

Three of the SAGE Group of Companies were introduced:  SAGE Automation, Nukon  and SkillsLab.

SAGE are a leading smart automation solution business, who solve current and pre-empt future ones for large and small businesses. After partnering with sister digital transformation company Nukon and the University of South Australia, development of the Container Deposit System became a reality and now are rolled out across Queensland, contributing to a decrease in landfill. 

SkillsLab is SAGE’s Registered Training Organisation, created specifically to meet the demand for high-quality learning, upskilling the workforce and targeting current and future industry requirements. 

This visit was recorded for a video project to be released as part of a virtual career exploration series. Information about DISRUPT...INSPIRE...IGNITE A CESA Discovery of STEM Careers will soon be available on the CESA Vocational Education website. 

This Project is funded by the Australian Government through the Non-government Reform Support Fund.