Optimising Industry Support for STEM

This project is a component of the Catholic Education SA STEM Learning Initiative. The CESA STEM Learning Initiative supports an innovative, system-wide approach to STEM teaching and learning with an emphasis on animating our vision and identity as defined by Catholic Education SA’s Living Learning Leading Framework.

Resources for Schools

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Ashlee Leach, aspiring Astrobiologist and student of Saint Ignatius College describes her STEM ...
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These resources have been compiled as part of the Optimising Industry Support for STEM project. The aims of this project are to:

  • Develop partnerships with industry willing to work with schools on specific STEM or VET related projects
  • Provide up to date career information of the opportunities afforded by STEM skills and knowledge
  • Raise the profile of VET qualifications in STEM related fields
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for teachers


Wow In the World Podcasts

Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz (National Public Radio, USA) guide curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. They will take you inside our brains, out into space and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology.

Link:  WOW In The World Podcasts


Inspiring The Future

Inspiring The Future Australia aims to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of all young people, from primary school students to high school students. 95% of young people say they want employers to be more involved in providing advice and guidance about careers, so they’re on a mission to help make those connections.

Link:  Inspiring the Future


The Royal Institution of Australia

The Royal Institution of Australia finds new ways to connect people to discover and understand science and how it shapes the world, mostly though news, videos, events and educational resources.

Link:  The Royal Institution of Australia


Science Friday Podcasts

Covering everything about science and technology -- from the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies -- Science Friday is your source for entertaining and educational stories and activities. Each week, host Ira Flatow interviews scientists and inventors like Sylvia Earle, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and more.

Link:  Science Friday


Houston - We Have a Podcast

If the name hasn’t won you over, then the interviews with real NASA scientists will! This is the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center and it takes you through all things aerospace; how to plan a spacewalk (spoiler: there’s a lot more involved than you might think), the weather in outer space, how to become an astronaut, and the hazards astronauts face in space.

Link:  Houston, We Have a Podcast


Foundation For Young Australians (FYA)

FYA turns the knowledge gained from research into action, co-designing programs and events for young people, with young people in collaboration with educational institutions and government as well as corporate and philanthropic partners.

Link:  Foundation for Young Australians


Grinding Gears Podcast

This podcast is not just about entertainment, this is a top educational resource from the minds of real engineers to help you understand what it’s like to work professionally in engineering – even if you didn’t learn it at school.

Link:  Grinding Gears Podcast



Secret Life of STEM Podcasts

Surprising stories behind STEM careers. A podcast from the University of Melbourne exploring the fears, hopes, and misconceptions about studying and working in STEM.

Link:  Secret Life of STEM Podcast



Australian Institute for Machine Learning - What is Machine Learning?

Adelaide University’s Australian Institute For Machine Learning research helps underpin the business models of the largest corporations and has the potential to deliver massive, social, economic and environmental benefits. Their world-class research strengths lie in machine learning and the methods that support this; artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning.

YouTube Link:  What is Machine Learning?



Opportunities the Automotive Industry Can Give You - Motor Trades Association SA

The MTA offers opportunities in many different automotive trades. Hear from hosts, staff, trainers and apprentices about their positive experiences with the MTA's Training and Apprenticeships services.

YouTube Link:  Opportunities the MTA can Give You



Australian Government's Naval Shipbuilding Plan - Osborne shipyard site

The design of the new shipyard in Osborne, South Australia, was revealed on 24 August 2017, along with details about the upgraded capabilities to enable continuous build of major surface combatants for the Royal Australian Navy.  This video shows how the yard will become a flexible site, incorporating the various needs of future shipbuilders.

YouTube Link:  Osborne Shipyard site



TAFE SA Defence Industries Pathway Program

TAFE SA’s Defence Industries Pathway Program has been a positive experience for Engineering graduate, Scott Brownridge, after studying VET at school.  This program focuses on skilling young people in advanced manufacturing and design, and developing high-level employability skills.  Partnering with local and international companies, this is an exciting time to enter the defence industries.

YouTube Link:  Defence Industries Pathway Program



Careers in Shipbuilding - Department of the Premier and Cabinet

TAFE SA, the Department of Defence, the Naval Shipbuilding College and contractors are working together to create jobs and future career opportunities for South Australians.

YouTube Link:  Careers in shipbuilding



Civil & Structural Engineering - The University of Adelaide

Hear how Civil and Structural Engineering degree students from The University Of Adelaide learn the disciplines of sustainable design, building and maintenance of infrastructure that underpins modern life - bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, dams, airports and water.  What does it mean for our ever-changing world?

YouTube Link:  Civil & Structural Engineering - The University of Adelaide



STEM - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Earth Science Western Australia presents this short animation which explores Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the essential skills behind it all and why it is so important to Australia (+ you and me). 

YouTube Link:  STEM - What Is It and Why Is It Important?



Workplace of the Future: How will you work in 2030?

Technology advancements are transforming the way we work.  JLL looks ahead to 2030 to see how certain technologies will impact the real estate sector and revolutionise workspace for the future.

YouTube Link:  Workplace of the future: How will you work in 2030?



Your Ticket to the World - Australian Maritime College

Australian Maritime College is globally recognised as being a centre for excellence. Their multi-million dollar suite of specialist teaching, learning and research facilities are internationally acclaimed and are utilised by government bodies and maritime-related businesses worldwide.  Strong industry links are supported by their teaching and research staff which assist students in their career search.  A wide range of courses are offered, including vocational at many levels, bachelor degrees and diplomas; together with postgraduate certificates and degrees, including doctorates.  AMC can be “Your Ticket To The World”.   

YouTube Link:  Australian Maritime College, The National Institute for Maritime Education, Training & Research



Australia for Agriculture 4.0 - Austrade

The Australia for Agriculture 4.0 video highlights why Australia is a compelling destination for Agriculture 4.0 - the next generation of technologies set to revolutionise the agriculture and food sectors.

YouTube Link:  Australia for Agriculture 4.0 - Austrade



Australia’s Science Channel

Australia’s Science Channel is Australia’s first free and open publishing platform for science stories.

On Australia’s Science Channel, you’ll find compelling videos, articles, podcasts, news and events from their publishing partners and Australia’s Science Channel’s contributing editors.

They work with leading minds, universities from around Australia, organisations and institutions to provide compelling science stories for everyone to watch, read, listen and share thoughts on what’s happening in science.

Link:  Australia Science TV - Ultimate Careers



Flinders University STEM Outreach Program

The Flinders STEM Outreach Program aspires to inspire high school students, teachers  and the wider community to understand and enjoy the STEM disciplines.  From their hands-on, curriculum-linked workshop program for students and teachers, to industry events and participation at expos, conferences, Open Days and a number  of science related-events like Science Alive!, you will see the STEM Outreach team making a difference.  For the REALLY enthused students, they even run school holiday activities that will take their inspiration to  a new level.  

Link:  Flinders University STEM Outreach

Email:  stem@flinders.edu.au  



The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) - SA Chapter

NAWIC is led by a team of passionate volunteers who all strive to help and empower women in the construction and related industries to reach their full potential. They provide a forum for members to exchange information, ideas and solutions and are also championing the education of young women to join the Construction industry.

Link:  The National Association of Women in Construction - SA Chapter

Link:  Carly Zanini - NAWIC Education Chair

Link:  NAWIC SA Chapter - Championing and Empowering Young Women



STEM Fast Track / STEM Sista / STEM Mista

STEM Fast Track run STEM-oriented networking events and professional development courses for young people in school and who wish to increase their chances of starting a successful career in STEM industries.

Link:  STEM Fast track

YouTube Link:  STEM Sista 

Link:  STEM Mista



Australian Institute for Machine Learning - University of Adelaide

AIML is dedicated to research in machine learning which underpins the business models of the largest corporations and has the potential to deliver massive, social, economic and environmental benefits. Their world-class research strengths lie in machine learning and the methods that support this: artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning. 

Link:  Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Link:  The Strong Women in Future Technologies (SWIFT) Program



Girls in STEM Toolkit - The GIST

Coming in 2020, the SWIFT Program aims to work with girls aged 8 to 13 in schools to develop STEMM – (the extra M is for Medicine) skills, as well as engaging with, and supporting, primary influencers – parents/caregivers, teachers and peers - to create sustainable impact. 

Education Services Australia & the Federal Government’s Department for Industry, Innovation & Science latest website to inspire and encourage Girls to STEM.  Resources, podcasts, quizzes, career information – suitable for students, families and teachers.

Link:  Girls in STEM Toolkit



Day of STEM

The Day of STEM is a national initiative, designed using the LifeJourney™ platform to raise the National IQ for STEM and Cyber Science. The program introduces and inspires all secondary and tertiary education students to pursue STEM careers and build the skills that will open up their future and connect them to the in-demand digital workforce.

Link:  Day of STEM




The STARportal is a a collaboration between the Office of the Chief Scientist, Engineers Australia, Telstra, AMSI, BHP Billiton and the Commonwealth Bank, in consultation with the Department of Education to ensure all Australian families and educators have access to any and all STEM outreach activities in their area and online.

Link:  STARportal



SA Space Industry Centre (SASIC)

SASIC will support space entrepreneurs, create an incubator for space projects and an environment where new space technologies can be rapidly developed. It will also support South Australia’s emerging space industry by providing grant funding (the Space Innovation Fund) of up to $1 million every year to young space entrepreneurs, along with new and existing space start-ups. The space industry challenges the innovative skills of our best researchers and engineers and it inspires young people to develop the skills to push forward the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

Link:  SA Space Industry Centre



Re-engineering Australia Foundation

REA’s programs link schools, industry, TAFE, universities and parents in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment focused on attracting students to take up STEM based subjects at school and careers after leaving school.  Programs include:  F1 In Schools; Subs In Schools; Space In Schools; 4 x 4 In Schools.

Link:  Re-engineering Australia Foundation

YouTube Link:  Subs in Schools



Australian Apprenticeship Pathways

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) aims to increase awareness of potential apprenticeship and traineeship pathways for students, job hunters, career changers and employers.  It also provides up-to-date information and resources to organisations serving those groups.  AATIS runs the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website, the AusAppPathways Mobile App, and the My Gain YouTube Channel.  AATIS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.

Link:  Australian Apprenticeship Pathways



STEM Footy @ Adelaide Football Club

STEMfooty is a collaborative 10-week-in-schools program for Year 7 students linked to the ACARA curriculum.  The program is held on a term basis and the resources and curriculum is supplied by the program for schools to use.  There is no cost to participate.  The educational objectives of the program are to:

  • Increase student awareness of STEM as a future educational and career path
  • Link STEM to a real world and broadly appealing application, thus increasing its relevance and interest to a wide range of children
  • Motivate students to excel at school despite real or perceived obstacles
  • Provide a measurable opportunity for individual transformation and
  • Explore STEM concepts through experiential AND traditional academic approaches

Link:  STEM Footy Program - Adelaide Football Club



Rising Sun Pictures

RSP are a leading Australian Visual Effects company.  School visits are offered with a presentation showing how the effects are created in films like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Gravity, The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter franchise. You’ll learn about the different kinds of people, job-roles and computer programs it takes to make photo-real visual effects, and the choices you’ll need to make if one day you’d like to work in movies, too. 

Link:  Rising Sun Pictures




Robogals is a student run global organisation started in 2008 to inspire students to pursue engineering through engaging workshops. 

Link:  Robogals




Online informative STEM & career information - USA-based.

Online STEM Quiz:  Which STEM type are you?

Link:  STEM Jobs



Careers with STEM

This Australian based online resource has it all – emags, quizzes, competitions, the latest STEM information for students, teachers and community. Distributed to all Australian high schools with the support of sponsors including Google, The Commonwealth Bank and ANSTO, the Careers with STEM magazines are produced by Australian specialist STEM media company Refraction Media, winner of the best Australian Small Publisher 2015.

Link:  Careers with STEM



Food and Fibre Education SA

Food and Fibre Education SA (FFESA) is an education and outreach program which engages students, teachers, careers advisers and the general community in agricultural (food and fibre) science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  An ‘A’ (AGRICULTURE) has been added to STEM and FFESA are moving full STEAM ahead offering innovative programs which are now reaching thousands of students each year!

FFESA acts on behalf of South Australia’s agricultural sector to deliver curriculum-linked initiatives which promote innovation and opportunities in grains, livestock, horticulture, meat, wool and dairy.  The program builds the skills and confidence of teachers so they can teach ag in mainstream subjects, inspire careers advisers so they encourage students to enter the industry and give students hands on experiences which shows a career in ag is more than just gumboots and tractors.

Link:  Food and Fibre Education SA



The Royal Institution of Australia

The home of The Royal Institution of Australia – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to instilling in young Australians a passion for a career in STEM.

Link:  The Royal Institution of Australia



Cosmos Magazine - The Science of Everything

The home of Cosmos magazine where we curate the best STEM news from around the world.

Link:  Cosmos Magazine




A portal for teachers with daily STEM-based teaching resources.

Link:  Education



Ultimate Careers

Ultimate Careers is where you can explore the amazing array of careers in STEM.

Link:  Ultimate Careers



SCINEMA - International Science Film Festival

The largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere and the largest public activity of National Science Week.




Australia's Science Channel

Australia’s Science Channel where we publish the most engaging STEM news from around Australia.

Link:  Australia's Science Channel